Marketing collaboration and project management solutions

Speed up every campaign launch

Manage multiple teams’ projects and campaigns efficiently by enabling collaboration in Studio. Everything you need to manage communication, feedback, and billing can all be handled in one location, rather than over multiple platforms. With , task requirements are easy to access, making it clear who is responsible for what, which leads to increased productivity and fewer missed deadlines.

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Team up to create high-quality, optimized content

Whether you need a year’s worth of blog posts or a single e-book, makes it easy to collaborate on content creation. Invite team members onto the content creation platform, where you can access more than 15,000 freelance content creators, on-demand training videos, and powerful software tools and integrations to enhance every stage of the content process.

Increase team flexibility and resilience

Collaborative work is essential to the success of any project. Whether you’re working with your internal team or leveraging our global network of vetted talent, every step of your project can be managed within the platform. No more managing multiple email chains and worrying that the latest updates haven’t been communicated.

Center your organization

Create a single source of truth on how your team contributes to company strategy. Prove impact with real-time insights into volume, velocity, and value of work that’s created across the organization. Get work requests from other departments and keep them informed on their progress.

Ready to get started?

Our Content Cloud offers a complete, integrated suite of marketing solutions to help you scale content production, manage marketing teams and projects, publish and optimize content and create interactive content that will take your brand to the next level.